Energy Dashboard has stopped calculating costs

Currently on 2023.4.6

Over the weekend my Energy dashboard has stopped calculating cost for both import and export and has also zeroed historic data as well, now when I look in the dashboard I see £0.00 for the cost values where previously I had calculated costs


I pull power consumption values from my Powerwall via the official Tesla integration, and this data is showing correctly, as you can see above.

For costs I use the Octopus Energy Custom component for the import tariff - This is showing the correct value



For export I use a fixed value.

None of these have been changed, but after months of running without issues, costs, both current and historic, have been zeroed.

Any pointers of where to look to fix this?

Go to Developer Tools → Statistics.

Are there any issues to fix listed there?

I looked in there before posting and there’s nothing related to these statistics.

Digging through statistics I find this for the sensor sensor.powerwall_site_import_cost

However, I can’t find anything associated with it in the Tesla integration and it references being provided by the energy integration?

No changes have been made to the cofiguration, yet today the Energy dashboard has begun showing costs again, but all historic values have been lost. Se below dashboard for 2023 so far

I’ve also found this in Statistics which appears to be newly created (by the Energy integration?)

So, is there a way to recover the historic data?
Is this an automatic recovery by the dashboard to something else that failed?
Should I just treat the historic data as non-persistent.

You could try renaming that sensor by deleting the _2


Thanks @tom_l that appears to have solved the issue instantly!

I’ll monitor and report back if there’s any changes.

Thanks again!

Double check Developer Tools → Statistics for issues now that you have renamed it.


I had to delete the original sensor before renaming but otherwise it looks fine and I’ve done the same for the export values too.