Energy Dashboard - hide individual devices

After having the new graph for individual devices with 2024.3.0 it would be great, if hiding a device in the new bar chart would also hide the same device in the old graph…

Why not just remove it from your dashboard set up?

because I don’t want to remove it permanently.
I would like to disable single entities from time to time - and I think it would be logical if this would affect both graphs

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I appreciate what you want to do. Had the same notion this morning. I’ve only got 2-3 weeks of energy data going, but have something like 40 circuit breakers and 9 related outlets (Emporia Vue) monitored.

I don’t believe removing entities from the Individual Devices in the configuration will affect the data recorded for the devices, just the display. It’s easy enough to add/remove them. I’ll be poking around with this later today. I don’t need to see the minuscule usages in the Individual Total Detail display.

the thing is - the entity showing here is my wallbox.
It really depends on how much I charge my car - if I want to display it - or not…

So while checking the dashboard, it would still be great, if a device will be hidden in both graphs - if you select it.

Since there could be a reason, why you hide a specific device - for analysing others… also, you could hide multiple devices for a specific “report” - so you would always have to edit the settings … for each time you just want to hide something (for a specific day or period)…

the option to disable an entity in graph1 is already there - it should be pretty easy to extend it to the second graph, I think.