Energy Dashboard historical data issue

Hi All,

hope someone can help me to solve my issue.
I played around with my tasmota energy sensor and accidently published wrong values.
this is my sensor from the customize.yaml

  state_class: total_increasing
  device_class: energy
  icon: mdi:home-import-outline
  unit_of_measurement: kWh

due to the wrong published values, I destroyed my whole historical data for energy consumption.

now it counted that I consumed 32 kWh today, which is obviously not right…

what I already did:
I already deleted the 2 wrong values in the SQL database for this sensor, so if I check the logs everything looks fine:

but for any reason if I click on the sensor directly I still see the wrong values as in the first screenshot and also the issue is still present in the energy dashboard.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to solve it. Where is the data stored for the energy dashboard?
I don’t want to delete the whole database and lose all the history only due to this stupid issue…

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

I was able to fix this following this instructions:

Thanks everyone anyway