Energy dashboard history: total consumption higher than accumulated by sensor


I’m more and more working myself into Home Assistant. Currently I’m running lots of Z-Wave devices connected to a Rpi4 Z-Pi 7 board. I’m using some energy meters by Devolo, which when freshly included reported some unplausible spikes in consumption (to the tune of more than 150 MW for 1 second), which I since removed through SQL queries. The graph now looks fine for the entity itself when selecting the period from the start and the db shows plausible entries for total consumption as well (currently a bit over 11 kWh).

However, when taking a look at the energy dashboard, the values for day & week are correct and plausible, but when switching to month, suddenly not 11 kWh are reported, but close to 300. Since I don’t think that this is extrapolated, I would expect the total to be also something around 11 kWh for 2 weeks of use.

Can someone point me to a SQL query, which will show me, why the total for the whole month is so high, while the total in the database is correct? When querying the db I don’t find any values out of tune anymore.

(some “energy” meters) are you referring to a device for your “property /department” , or single “smal” power -measure devices ?

… and ca 10kWh a day, do get the sum of around 300 in a month

They are small power-measure meters Devolo MT02792. Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

The 10 kWh were in total for 2 Weeks thankfully, not per day.

I’ve since found the issue, with one line in the statistics db increasing the total sum by 233 kWh, while all other values were 0.x. In the process of deleting this line I’ve accidentally deleted everything. This thread helped me with this issue:

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