Energy dashboard home usage is incorrect with battery

This has been an issue since the start, but thought I’d raise it again as I’m recently relying on cost and usage tracking on home assistant because my energy supplier currently can not provide the information due to the complexities of the tariff (octopus intelligent)

As you can see from the screenshot, “Home” calculates the total consumption from the grid, including what goes into the battery. Then as the battery supplies “Home” the consumption is effectively duplicated. This is incorrect.

It should be that “Home” doesn’t record the initial consumption of the battery charging, only what discharges from the battery into the “Home”.

In the example below, “Home” should currently be at 9.6kWh. The 7.3kWh that went into the battery is being duplicated as it discharges into the house.


I wonder if there is any chance this will ever be fixed?!

This isn’t the correct place to make bug reports, if you think there is a bug suggest to open a github issue. I would suggest to include an energy CSV export of a day that is showing this incorrect usage.