Energy Dashboard: Include Gas in calculation of fossil energy calculation

This is my newly created Energy Dashboard:

Looks very “green” and rather fossil free on the first glance. Except it is not. If you look closely, it is not, because the “Non-fossil energy consumed” gauge is not really showing “energy” but just electricity. If you include the natural gas from the upper diagram, instead of 78%, only 4% of my energy are coming from non-fossil sources. A completely different picture.

I think the wording should be changed, at least when there is a gas source configured, so that it is “Non-fossil electricity consumed” or similar, as this graph is about electricity only, not about energy. Same for “Energy usage” on the top left. It is just electricity usage.

This might be even considered a bug (don’t know) because what is displayed is clearly wrong, and misleading.

Now my feature request would be a gauge that shows non-fossil content for Electricity+Gas (and maybe other sources, like district heating, oil … whatever HA will meter eventually. One that would give the true, ugly picture of 4% non-fossil energy (on a cold day here in Austria in a huge 70ies house not very well isolated).

Thanks for considering

I fully agree with your request.
I already made a change request with many other ideas about this fantastic feature .
This does not seem to be a priority for the developers

Neither of you have voted for the request.

Thanks, will do!

In fact there are 2 issues :
First is “Home “ should be the sum of electricity grid + gas
Second is wrong “non fossil energy” ratio

I have already opened another feature request similar to yours.
The gas energy is not respected in the overall energy consumption of the house.

At the moment only electrical energy is considered.

Same goes for solar heating energy.

I hope this will push some change
Could you paste the change request link ?

I voted for this too. It just looks odd with gas energy seen as entering the house in the animated graphic but not being accounted for. I assumed something was broken before reading this.