Energy Dashboard - Incorrect values - Complete reset?


I have been having problems with my energy dashboard since moving from ZHA to Z2M. I have some values that do not fit.

“All Stanby Energy” for example supposedly consumes 5.55kW, although the entity itself only shows 2.9kW.
The calculation of the electricity costs is also completely incorrect. (Have not changed anything here)
Consumption of “ventilation” also clearly too little.
So presumably all devices are somehow affected…
Have already once deleted the “home-assistant_v2.db”, but that has not deleted the Summed kW/h of the entities. (Therefore the old DB for the time being again manufactured).
Now I would like to reset all energy data collected so far, because I will change to Tibber in the near future and then I can finally read and integrate my electricity meter.
Since I would like to start from 0 anyway for the sake of clarity.

Has one of you already made a resett and has tips for me?

To me it seems that it’s individual added devices/entities , you are showing , these often “store” some datas until resetting the Devices
The All-standby, might be a “template sensor”, which ofcause gather it’s data(what it can, cording to the “template” from the data your devices report to HA) how the discrepancy, mentioned,occur only your self can figure out, as noone can ever know what you mean by “Supposedly”, or how/what this ASE-sensor/device is.
So either reset your devices, 1 by1, and “Purge” the specific entities in your DB( under Dev-Tools/Services)
Or shutdown HA, reset the Devices and start HA, delete the DB, plug-in your “reseted” devices again

In worse case, your Devices store datas in the Cloud, again only you know, thou is it cloud depend, i believe that will be reseted when you have added the reseted Device to your mobile-app

MQTT , Was the “Calculation” correct when using ZHA ?, where does your “Calculation” occur ?

PS: When you “Delete” the DB, make sure you delete ALL 3 files, and restart directly