Energy Dashboard - individual devices - 'unnacounted'

It’d be really cool if the 'individual devices (like the per hour view) worked out the ‘unaccounted for’ usage (so usage for the hour - sum(total devices) ) - this would help us work out where our usage goes and help us decide where to deploy more power monitoring to capture any remainder

so (for instance) if I used 100Wh between 8AM and 9AM - but my ‘Living room tv power monitor’ accounted for 10Wh - the ‘unacocunted’ (unsure what term to best use for this, maybe ‘untracked’, ‘remainder’ or simply ‘unspecified’) “device” in the energy dashboard would have used 90Wh

probably should be an option to be turned on in the config

Why not use a template sensor that does the math?

afaik this wouldn’t work for the following reasons:

  • if HA adds the capability I’m talking about - said template sensor will break it (for the time the template sensor existed)
  • it really should be the values used in the energy dashboard otherwise one may end up with hours where negative energy was unnacounted for
  • there’s a very high maintenance overhead of your suggestion (I’ve got 14 individual devices) and the intent here is to inform where I’d add more

Sure, a template sensor could be ok as a temporary hack - but (unless you think the idea itself is a poor one) - I think it’s a reasonable feature suggestion