Energy Dashboard is looking back - Can it also do real time (almost anyway)?

I think the new Energy Dashboard is great but it does not help manage real time energy.
For example I would like to be able to add these gauges to the dashboard down the side panel.

I did read that configuration of this dashboard was yet to come but having this extra for me would be just great.
Is there a way or is the view only updated every hour?

Every hour at 12 minutes past the hour and energy sensors only (now gas too).

That does not really answer the question.
I can see no way to add what I want to the dashboard or even if it’s possible now or in the future?
By energy only are you saying that my power sensors are not suitable??

Energy sensors only. Not power sensors.

You can create your own dashboard.

I have a question about reading the energy graph.
This is my energy graph from yesterday. There is no bar for the period from 11pm to midnight???
I am assuming that as the previous hour’s data is posted at 12 minutes past the hour then it’s actually posted into the next days graph?? Am I making a false assumption?
I have gone back over a few previous days and they are the same.

What’s the correct way to read the graoh or is it an error?

Yes it is posted as the reading for 0:00 the next day.

So the graph is not a true record of the day?
Just a question about when the data is inserted int the data base what date and time reference is it storing?
Could it not insert it withe the actually date and time reference??

To wax philosophical, what is truth?

Everything is a representation.

But I get what you are saying. You should open an issue (in the homeassistant core repository).

I have raised an issue so will see what they say.

I’m having the same issue. However unlike the screenshot you’ve posted and others on github have mentioned. I only have 23 bars on any given day. As well the energy reported via home assistant is always off on the daily kwh roughly what the 24th bar would have been. I will post screens when I get home, As well comment on the github.

I cannot explain why you only have 23 bars.
The issue I had has been explained.
see this post Enhpase Envoy on 2021.8 with new Energy feature - #265 by del13r

The issue was labeling was unclear. When you hover with a mouse it shows a time. The time is the START time for that bar NOT the finish time.

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my mistake, I misunderstood the github post that linked me here.