Energy Dashboard: Manual water consumption input

I would like to keep track of my water consumption. Manual input e.g once a month would do the job for me already. No need of sensors. Would be great if that could be implemented.

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That’s not a feature request as it is pretty simple to do already.

If you read it from the meter and then just enter it right away, then a input_number helper would do the trick with a service call to set the value.

If you get it from website and the data is not current, then you might need to enter it as historic data, which will require the Spook integration.

can you please explain how to achieve that? I only see the option to add sensors:


You would have to make sensors yourself with templates.

that doesn`t cover my request at all (I assume).

I would like to do it without sensors: Go to the meter, read it, enter the value manually in Home Assistant. Get a report. As simple as that.

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You need a sensor in order to input it into the energy dashboard.
The sensor will just be you setting the value, which is how you enter it into HA

Hello. Did you manage to do it? I am very interested.