Energy dashboard messed up with After Firefox Update from 115 to 116 build


Since the last Firefox update (from build 115 to 116) on my PC and on my office Laptop (Auto update unfortunately), the energy dashboard (graph band) are distorded and wont show up correctly. The top left curved corner is inverted and the band left side lean slightly to the right. See screen capture before the update and after the update.

Anybody has this problem?

This problem is not present on android FF 116 and not present on Edge, Chrome or any other Web Browser.

I have reverted to FF 115 and the issue is not present again. What could be the culprit?

Thank you for opening that Frontend issue.

I thought I was alone with this bug.

Hope they get this thing fixed. Its not a big deal, but I think nobody want to watch their graph with that reversed corner :rofl:

It seems fixed last night with 116.0.1

Yes it is fixed.