Energy Dashboard not showing grid consumption entity

Hello, I have a problem with the energy dashboard. I have included two entities there. Now I wanted to add a third one, unfortunately it is not displayed.

In my opinion, however, this is identical to an existing one:

The entity “Strom (Keller)” is displayed, but “Strom (DB)” is not.
Does anyone have an idea where the error is?

State_class: measurement.

Energy dash only takes state_class: total increasing there.

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Okay thanks. I fixed that, but unfortunately the entity is still not displayed. I also restarted HA and cleared the browser cache.

Was it wrong to just adjust the state_class via the developer tools? Is there another way?

^ you mean you just changed it here? Capture

Yeah that won’t work it’s not a permanent change.

It depends on the device abit…
how is your device configured?

If its the same as the strom keller… You need to add the state_class to the setup.
or you may have to use customise yaml.
it depends…

Okay, yes there I changed it.

The Devices are Utility Meters from the helpers section. That’s why I’m also surprised that they differ.

Is there a way to override the state_class simply via the configuration.yaml?

I would tend towards re-adding it via utility meter.
If that doesn’t work, I think that customize yaml file still works.


  state_class: total_increasing
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