Energy_dashboard not showing solar production anymore


I’m fairly new to Home-Assistant.

I’ve installed it just one month ago and I’m adding all interesting things inside the house, wherever there are integrations available.

I connected a P1 meter to my digital energy meter which is showing correctly inside the energy dashboard.

I also added my solaredge inverter with the cloud integration. Everything worked fine up till 4th December. I could monitor the solar production, the energy recuperation back to the grid, consumed from the grid and the gas.

But since then it only shows solar production as zero, every day.

Originally there was an entity ‘solaredge_lifetime_energy’ connected to the dashboard to show the solar production. However this is now stated as ‘unknown’.

I changed it to ‘solaredge_energy_today’ (which is showing a total for the current day)
and also to ‘solaredge_produced_energy’ which gives the same values.

But no avail.
The sensors have the correct state: ‘total’ or ‘total_increasing’ and show no issues.

Still there is nothing shown.

I am out of ideas… Maybe this has something to do with an update to home assistant core which was installed after 4th December.

Can anyone help ?

Thanks a lot !