Energy dashboard - problem with solaredge

Hello sometimes I have problem with solaredge values. Mostly times everything is ok but sometimes in one hour shows total consumed / producted energy from PV. Screen:

Where is problem? This is annoying because if its happend cant see graph. In energy configuration I have entity sensor.solaredge_lifetime_energy

Could someone help me?

I use sensor.solaredge_production_energy and have not seen issues with massively negative then positive readings, though I have noticed since having a battery installed the production readings are delayed until well after sunset and come is across and hour or two (which also happens in the app so suspecting it is a ‘feature’).

Considering that sensor.solaredge_lifetime_energy is / could become a very large number, could it be you are hitting a maximum number size in the database?

Ok I understand, I changed this entity on this which You said and for now looks good. Thanks for advice.