Energy Dashboard problems after update

Hello guys,

I have a problem after the 2021.09 update with the energy sensors in the database.
My Solaredge Mdbus integration with the sensors (sensor.solaredge_m1_imported_kwh, sensor.solaredge_m1_exported_kwh and sensor.solaredge_ac_energy_kwh) are not working anymore, because the “sum” in the database is going crazy.
But if i scroll back to August it works with your sensors.

But in Septembera dn Oktober it showed the same values every day:

And in November it stopped working,

In sqlite-web i first updated the values for all sensors, but it doesn’t work:
UPDATE “statistics”
SET sum = 0
WHERE metadata_id = 49 AND sum > 3000
After that i deleted all the values with:
DELETE FROM “statistics” WHERE metadata_id = 49

And i reinstlled the Solaredge Modbus Integration (Binsentsu).
But it does not work.

Maybe anyone can help me out.
Thank you very much.

I solved it in reinstalling the solaredge modbus integration with a new name. So the sensors were newly created.