Energy Dashboard remove dead sensors


I’ve been scratching my head as i had some bogus / dead sensors in my energy dashboard but could not remove them through the UI. I took an editor and access to \config .storage\energy to remove the dead nodes. Would be great if you can delete them as well through the UI.

I managed to do it by editing that file so all fine for me. But maybe for others :slight_smile:

Regards Paul

Hello Paul,

try the search magnifier in the top right-hand corner of the settings. Search there for “energy configuration”. Can you delete what you want there?


Hello Frank, thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately when i search for energy configuration, i end up in the same panel where i can’t edit/remove the dead sensors.

What about in Developer Tools > Statistics?

Are the entities listed there with a “Fix Issue” button to the right?

Hello Tom, No the entities are not listed in Developer Tools > States.

Hello Tom, Sorry also not in Dev Tools > Statistics they are also not to be found.

I also have this issue. What file did you edit to remove these dead entries?

If you look towards the bottom of the list on the right, you can see your missing sensor with a different icon, just click the bin icon to remove it from your energy devices list

In my scenario, this is not the case

Edit: Solved it. Turns out the Bosch sensors never obeyed the rename entities I selected when I renamed the device a good while back, they are the culprits as that plug has currently dropped connection to HA at the moment.

The sensors are in your list!

Actually you are right Woempiej! After carefully examining the issue again (i changed some sensors around) indeed. The yellow is only an error and the entity can be deleted in the list like normal. :slight_smile: Thanks!!!