Energy Dashboard - Sensor not selectable


I made it to configure my energy dashboard and define several sensors (utility meter) in the configuration:

In total I have 16 power plugs and three strips. But I am not able to select all available sensors.
I don’t understand why. :frowning:

At least one sensor has exactly the same attributes, …

… but I am not able to select it.

Is anyone able to help?

Many thanks in advance! Cheers, red

Is there anyone who could help?

try with total_daily … or just delete all ( in search-field) , and select from dropdown list

Mmmh, using the*_total_dail_energy for my energy dashboard was not the intention of my question.*_total_dail_energy do not deliver any values in the Energy dashboard:

That’s the reason why I (manually) created utility meters based on the daily_energy sensors.

What did I do wrong with the utility sensors. Anything that you can see?

Nope, very hard to know what you have done, by looking at just a picture, thou i did notice, in the last pic from 2022-5-2 ( last_period 0.0132 ) which seems to mean,it’s counting … thou weird thing is, in first pic above, from2022-04-29, it says last _period 0.0807, so maybe missing a “SUM” somewhere, in the equation … anyway, as i said, noone can tell what you have done, just by showing a picture of your dashboard … and noone knows whether it’s same brand/sort of sensors you are comparing, neither how you made it, and as in my first commend … Don’t you see it,in the drop-down list ( the “total increasing” you made) ?.. without typing anything in advance, just click the dropdown, and if you don’t try to delete the “entity/sensor” you created, and create a new

Hi @boheme61, many thanks for your quick answer.
Yes, I already recreate the sensor (utility meter), which did not help.

I understand, that it’s not easy to follow what happened before. But it’s quite simple. Let me describe:

  1. Gosund Power Plug SP111 provides the total_dayily_energy sensor directly. This is the configuration in Esphome:
  2. I have created additional helper (type Utility Meter) in Home Assistant UI which is based on total_dayily_energy:

As a result, the utility meter provides suitable values from my perspective.

But the energy dashboard logic does not seem to accept it. For me it looks a little like a bug in energy dashboard, since I configured the sensors / utility meters identically.

Is there any step by step instruction / tutorial (from Esphome to the Energy Dashboard) available which describes getting the measurements into energy dashboard?

Sorry i don’t have/use Esphome, thou i assume you have compared(settings) on this “Gosund Power Plug SP111” , with i.e energy _13, which also don’t show anything in 1 pic, but value in first pic, or/and compared to strip02, … or if you have another “Gosund Power Plug SP111” would maybe be the best to compare with
As i also don’t have a “Gosund Power Plug SP111” i can’t say anything about this either.( nor if you have flashed it)
but whatever makes you think it’s a bug is also a mystery to me, like where you assume this bug is, in Plug-sofware, Esphome, HA(helper-Utility meter) or energy dashboard ?
Sorry i don’t think i can add much more in your troubleshooting effort , hope someone else with experience in this “setup” can help you
PS: Have you had this plugg in Tuya integration before ?
EDIT another test you could do, is to increase the power-use on this plug, so you get higher daily usage , like 0.1, this way you exclude a scaling issue in the equation, thou you still havent answered, whether you can “find” this sensor, in the dropdown ( without writing in search field)
( if not, Energy don’t see it as a total_increasing state_class, or energy device_class)

this ofcause i haven’t used, so i wonder if your “input” sensor shouldn’t be the orig sensors name ?, and this orig sensor have the right scaling, before creating a utility-sensor … also if your sensor in this case use so little a day, and resetted every day, whats the point in having it in Energy-Dashboard, i would have understand if you wanted to total_increasing for a month … as you already have the “daily” tops and span in your orig sensor

Sorry my fault - there was a typo. Of course the input sensor is the Total Daily Energy from the Gosund:

I’ll update the image in my previous post.

In addition, I am just testing, if the sensor is not show since the daily total is to little (as you mentioned).

:slight_smile: , nothing be sorry about, ive been sitting night and days, staring, configuring, setting up … and then redo/retype when “something” doesn’t slips through the eye-locks

Sure, I have compared (settings) for the different Gosund plugs. Each Esphome device runs based on includes so that the configuration is 100% identical.

Nope, the devices have been flashed with Esphome directly (already 1.5y ago).

This is a very good tip :+1:. That’s what I was saying in my previous post (I am already testing this now to get more energy throughput for the plugs by plugging them into each other). I guess this direction of troubleshooting is promising. :slight_smile:

Just found this:

( i was thinking about last-row, i.e. reset the trouble-plug :slight_smile:

Beside this, if you by any chance have bought “same” device over a period of time … in good faith :slight_smile:

or did you flashed them with TTL ? … if so the “filter / multiplier” should be ( - multiply: 0.5 )

hmmmm, sounds not “optimal” to me, i would plug in a device which i know used i.e 100W bulp or 2( 5 for the inpatient type) :slight_smile: , that way you get a more correct value

Accuracy is not my focus at the moment. I want to get them selectable at all :slight_smile: .

Yes this page I have also found. But since my devices are flashed identically and at least a few of the work, I’ve stayed away from flashing them again so far. But I will consider this for one of my next steps.

Nope, I haven’t defined TTL.

Thanks @boheme61 for your constructive feedback! What I have tested so far …

I have removed the last_reset attribute for the total_daily_energy sensor and restarted HA.
→ did not help

According to your tip, I was measuring some of the faulty plugs with more heavy consumption, that it finally consumed more then 0.5 kWh today.

→ But this did not help as well up to now.

I just noticed a very weird behaviour: When I enter energy08_total_daily_energy in the energy dashboard selection, the system provides me energy08_total_daily_energy_2. Where does this come from?

AND when I search for energy08_total_daily_energy_2 in the developer tools, it does not exist.

AND why can I add the same sensor / device several times to the energy dashboard? This makes no sense to me. :frowning:

This could look like it somehow got “registered” again, either because it lost connection(with your integration, or being renamed/edited somewhere :wink:
Can you find it in /Configuration/Devices/entities, either the orig, or 1 with_2 ?

Adding same sensor again, yeah, beats me to :slight_smile: , i guess it’s just because the developer, made it “easier” for him self( and the overall UI, as all “extra” checks and block sensor would be “overkill” :slight_smile:
No reason for extra code, as it doesn’t cause any harm to add a sensor twice, as you can do almost everywhere, in Dashboards/Views/cards … Energy is just"another" pre defined Dashboard, with hardcoded Cards

yes, sounds reasonable, unless there are discrepancies, in year/model, as mentioned in beginning of the page … thou the Graph-pic from the Entity also shows that the total-daily-sensor_01 seems to work as it should
And i don’t know whether there are limitation, in how many “single” sensors you can have in energy, and still don’t know what you see if you just click the drop-downlist in energy(stop enter/typing anything in a dropdownlist) , just click

And ofcause i also have no idea, what this picture indicates base.gosund-sp111-off.yaml , or haven’t seen other "configs, of which gosund-sp111 that is “selectable” in energy, and still don’t understand all this work to get the sensor/helper, just to show what you already have in orig-total-daily-energy-sensor, the helper stores an attribute, so you can make a neat stable diagram, day-per-day, with a template in any other Dashboard, just having a helper to show daily_total in Energy, which being resetted every day ( Same as the orig-sensor gives you ) , and as i have no idea of your various sensors(whether they are all same year/model) and whether they are on the latest Software etc. im sorry im drained, can’t drag everything out you, and can’t keep trying to imagine how your system, setup, procedure etc are …hope you take 2 TOTAL similar devices, same year/model everything, and go on from there, from scratch, … im pretty sure( as you say some gosund-sp111 works, and are selectable in energy) it’s not a bug in HA, nor integrations, so must be the device, maybe old software, or other discrepancies in the devices
PS: upgrade-plug software-to ESPhome -2021-11-1, if not already, and start from scratch,

i guess this also goes for the 2 sensors, that you had problems with ? you show energy14 + 16 ? … what does energy_01 says ?, or you got a bunch that is not “selectable” in energy dropdown-list, how many do you see in dropdown-list IF you dont type anything , just click with empty-search-field ? …don’t enter anything, just click the energy dropdown-arrow ( get rid of this bad habbit, of type/enter anything in the add/dropdown list in energy, just click the down-arrow, you will only see the entities that Energy accepts, beside, you will notice if new entities are added/selectable (somehow, maybe with names you dont reconice) it’s a win-win, and you can lean back and just cllick, no typing/enter

The dropdown shows me the following:

That’s the original dropdown: