Energy dashboard - set up for dual rate tariff - can't add correct sources

My energy dashboard is set up in the UI - it uses several sensors from the Powerwall integration - and it works fine.
But I’d like to get it to track my dual rate tariff.
Have installed the Utility-meter integration/helpers and set up daily and monthly sensors for peak and cheap rate. I’ve set up the automation required to switch tariffs at the correct times.
All is working in its own dashboard card


How do I make the energy dashboard take notice? The energy dashboard UI doesn’t offer the daily energy meters I’ve set up in the ‘Add Conumption’ drop down - although it does offer the monthly ones.

Can’t see anything obviously wrong in the States display

I’ve seen several other posts that seem to use YAML to configure the energy dashboard but I don’t know how to do that - mine is set up in the UI

I’ve spent too long on this - appreciate any help - thanks