Energy Dashboard setup with Solar Panels via Solarman custom integration

I have the Solarman custom integration up and running on my system. But I’m having a problem with setting up the energy dashboard. When I try to enter the sensor showing my daily production I get error “The following entities have state class ‘measurement’ but ‘last_reset’ is missing”

So I tried using a different sensor, one that shows current PV production in real time but it isn’t an available option to choose from in the Energy Dashboard settings. So I tried creating a template sensor based on the real time PV production sensor so that it reports in kW instead of W but it still isn’t working. Anyone have any insight what I might be doing wrong to get this up and running?

Here’s what I see from the daily production sensor (I don’t think this is the right sensor for the Energy Dashboard though)
entity name: sensor.solarman_daily_production


Here’s what I see with the Solarman power sensor for what’s currently being generated:
entity name is: sensor.solarman_pv1_power

Solarman generation in W

This was my template sensor to convert from W to kW

        friendly_name: 'Solar Generation'
        device_class: energy
        unit_of_measurement: kW
        value_template: '{{ ((states.sensor.solarman_pv1_power.state|float) / 1000) | round(2)  }}'
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Hi dub77, just wondering if you were able to solve this somehow.
i too am trying to add the PV1 and PV2 actual production to the energy dashboard but cannot see it in the entities options to chose from.
any ideas how to add some other entities to the energy dashboards?


Hey @Janek I ended up giving up on this, however I opened my energy panel just now for the first time in a long time and it might maybe be kind of working. I truly have no idea what changed or if it’s accurate though. Here’s what it looks like inside my Dashboard settings, it still doesn’t have anything under Solar Panels but my dashboard looks like it might be working, I’d have to spend more time on this to see if it’s correct I just don’t have time to look through it right now, hopefully this helps some?

yeah, well im kinda giving up too. the data is a bit inconsistent from solarman, the flows dont really represent whats happening on the inverter display, so im slowly giving up too :frowning:
for some reason Daily energy bought is constantly zero, and i just dont know why.
anyways, thanks for the info and we’ll see if things change in the future.
sure wish things would just work :smiley: