Energy Dashboard: Show Devices PV usage

Hi everyone,

is it possible to show the source of energy used (grid/pv/battery and so on) on a per-device level in the Energy dashboard?
This would be interesting especially for big-consumers like spas.


This is not possible atm.

I can think of an issue that might make this difficult: If you are producing solar power and at the same time importing from the grid, how do you decide which device is taking the power from the grid or solar.
Does one have priority over the other and too much of it is consumed, take from the second source?

Anyway, I would put this post in the Feature Request Category

Well I’d “distribute” the percentage over all devices evenly.
So if the total consumption over all devices is 10 kWh while 50 % is PV and 50 % from grid and one device uses 1 kWh, this device would be “assigned” 0.5 kWh PV and 0.5 kWh grid.

Also changed it to be in the feature request category.