Energy dashboard show stats per 5 minutes - 15 minutes - 30 minutes

As the title says.
It would be good if we could see energy data per smaller increments.
The statistics already keep 5 minute interval readings so it should be possible.
Primary reason is our energy bill will partially depend on peak consumption per 15 minutes and I’d like to be able to analyze this in HA.

I see your idea but do not vote ‘for’ as you can accomplish this yourselves with your own sensors and graphs. My view is that the existing graphs are not to check your immediate use but more the periodic overview…it is my view of course :slight_smile:
IMO, showing details will become again more cumbersome as you then want to know which plug/device/etc. is creating this…
Note that the data is there but you may need other tools

Although I see your point, to me it’s about being able to see way back too for which the energy dashboard is ideal in the way it uses statistics.
And seeing as the data is already there I was thinking this would not be too big of a thing to add.
Still just a “nice to have” ofcourse…

BTW… there is a table statistics_short_term which actually does this but it does not have a very long period that covers that. However… I have not found a way to address this table from HA so that would require other non-HA tools like (?) grafana