Energy Dashboard Slow to Load Data, Occasionally Crashing

Recently I am having issues with the Energy Dashboard slowing loading historical data and locking up/freezing. My current setup:

Home Assistant OS running in a VM on unRAID
4 cores allocated from an i7-9700k
4gb ram allocated
VM located on a m.2 nvme

I am currently using a esphome energy monitor using Circuitsetup’s hardware with 12 ct clamps, 2 on the mains, 2 on the solar feeds, and the rest on 240v circuits.

When accessing the dashboard on my Pixel 7 the first few days seem to load fine but then the whole dashboard starts to lag pretty badly.

Then when I close the app and go back to it after a few minutes it’s completely unresponsive.

Then after I swipe close the app and try to relaunch it it won’t connect.

Eventually after some time it will connect but there definitely seems to be an issue occuring.

My initial thought is that this might be a database issue but I’m hoping to get some input from the community on potential fixes or if I should submit a bug report.

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