Energy dashboard stacked device consumption

The bottom graph on the current energy dashboard allows us to compare different devices to each other, with respect to the energy they consume. It would be nice to see these devices in a graph similar to the first energy graph, where the overall energy use is shown but inside each column are the devices themselves. A stacked bar chart.

Example from Google:

You can then see what proportion of the hourly/daily/weekly/monthly usage is made up of devices you track versus untracked sources. The total height of the bar is the total consumption for that time period.

Since I don’t have smart utility meters, I simply gave up on manually tracking data and added all my metered devices to the main section.

Sadly this is a workaround and you can’t use it together with the measurements for your whole house, or solar power, returned power, etc, but… it’s also sad to see such a basic feature taking dust for 1.5 years already.

I know it’s not easy to implement at first glance, but there IS already a graph that does exactly that, you just have to shift the inputs around - how hard would it be to replicate the graph for individual devices?

BTW, this is definitely a dupe of Energy: Cost for the individual devices
I would suggest closing here and concentrating votes there :slight_smile: