Energy dashboard - Support Gas in Liters unit


The list of supported volumes is long but it is missing liters.
While not specifically for house-heating, trackign consumption of gas-oline of the car in liters and calculating the cost of the consumed liters would also be a relevant option to track consumption of CO2 as a whole household.

Is just missing that option to accept liters in the dropdown search of entities, and €/l as the price entity (or currency/liter) and the rest of the platform would work just fine.

While not for house electricity is yet another energy-form supported by gas and CO2 emissions, which is the whole purpose of the energy dashboard tracking.

Kindly consider this small update!

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Agree. In my gas tank, fuel is in liters (liquefied gas), it is incorrect to measure in m3, since in winter and summer the composition of gas (propane / butane) is different and it is impossible to accurately calculate how many m3 in one liter. At the same time, we buy fuel in liters, not in m3.
It would be convenient to see the consumption in liters and the cost in the panel.

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Liter directly converts to m3… It’s metrical?

Yes, but different substances have different densities. Therefore, 1000 liters of liquefied gas (propane/butane) is not 1 m3.
In order to accurately convert 1 liter of liquefied gas to m3, you need to know very exactly what kind of gas you are pouring (the ratio of propane and butane), since propane and butane have different densities. In the real world, this is impossible to know: sellers are not always honest, in winter and summer this ratio changes.
More: LPG Gas Unit Conversion Values: Kg, Litres, MJ, kWh & m³

In addition to the best answer from LazyDev, also for the scenarios where density might allow for metric conversion, you loose all precission in the energy dashboard due to the big jump in numbers.
Popups in the charts will tell you 0m3 were used if the value is below 0,05m3 (like in below picture). And even then it will apply rounding for values between 0,005 and 0,01 and directly tell you 0,01m3.

Just allowing Liters to be the UoM, which is used in multiple countries for many gas-related activities would make this more useful.


My total consumption was 0,05m3 but the animated pic shows 0m3. Liter would be ideal for me.