Energy dashboard water unit modification

I’ve started logging water usage with custom sensor in litres (“L” unit).
Then I noticed that’s my mistake, because I really wanted to use cubic meters (“m3” unit).
I’ve changed the sensor unit to the correct one, but on energy dashboard water values are still given in litres (“L”). They’re calculated correctly (if I add 1 m3 to the sensor the energy dash shows additional 1000 litres), but I’d still like to change unit on energy dash to m3.
How can I do that?
Removing sensor from the dash and adding it again doesn’t help.

Go to Developer Tools → Statistics. Is there a FIX ISSUE button next to your sensor?

If so press it and follow the instructions.

It’s interesting.
On this list you mentioned I can see this sensor with old unit (“L”).
When I click on it, details contain the new unit (“m3”). Unfortunately there is no “Fix issue” next to it.
I’ve attached screenshot from the list (I can’t add a second one in one post), so there’s full clarity.

Let me give you more details, how this sensor works.
I’ve created “input_number” helper, where I manually enter the values of the water usage.
Then I created a template sensor with the following template:
{{ states(‘input_number.stan_wodomierza’) }}

Should I edit it manually in the database?
If you’ll give me a hint how can I access it and where to look, I can do it this way, I’m familiar with dbs.

Delete the sensor.


Check Dev Tools → Stats again. It should now have a fix issue button for you to delete the previous statistics.

Add your sensor back with the correct unit.

The unit for energy dashboard water consumption graph is not really configurable.

If you have metric settings you get L, otherwise gal. It doesn’t matter what units your sensors are in, it will be converted to this fixed unit for graphing.

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I think that karwosts is right, deleting the sensor and adding it back changed nothing.
Will make a feature request later to be able to change unit in energy dash.

They are definitely correct.