Energy Dashboard - Which values are needed?


I’m just trying to set up the Energy Dashboard.
I added both of my SMA Inverters and later a battery inverter (Just waiting for the password).

Now Im getting a ton of sensor readings from them but I really don’t know which are the right ones?
I got a sensor reading for metering_total_absorbed which is the same in both Inverters, it measures the Total energy that I received from the grid. So I added this to the Grid consumption tab. Same for metering total yield which is the total energy I supplied to the grid. I was not even able to select other values they didn’t show up. I guess its correct then? The values need are the total supplied or received kwH right?

Is it the same for my solar panels? Cause I can only select their total produced kwH.
I also added all sensors that I used to the recorder. But only for 7 days. Is there a way to just safe specific values longer than the others in a database or something?
For now it just looks like this:

Sounds like you did it right. Wait and see what sort of stats you get.

The sensors you included in the energy dashboard will have long term statistics generated that will last longer than your 7 day purge interval. How long?

Nobody knows.

I’m guessing forever, as you can navigate back and forth by year.

Okay perfect then I’ll just wait. I will write an update if everything went right

It worked :slight_smile:


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Hello everyone,
I also have an SMA converter and would like to have the energy dashboard running as well. Can someone tell me which entities you took? Somehow it doesn’t really work for me. I have the following entities available:

-daily yield
-Metering Total Yield
-Metering Total Consumption
-PV Gene Meter
-Total Yield

Which entity do I have to enter where?

Best regards