Energy Dashboard with Shelly 3EM via MQTT

Hi there!

I’ve been reading lots of post on this channel and blog posts outside… but nothing helped.

I have a Shelly 3EM connected to HA via MQTT.

It exposes those sensors (same set for all 3 phases):

To me it looks like all the required settings are there.

However, when I add it to the energy dashboard (I can only choose “Total Consumption” and “Total Returned” values there), it ends up with impossible values:

This should be another screenshot, but I’m only allowed to add one… anyway, it’s the energy dashboard showing a power consumption of 1.073.991kWh right now.

I’ve tried various suggestions, including adding the 3EM via CoIoT instead (disliked that, but didn’t change anything either) and creating my own sensors, summing the values of the 3 phases (Shows realistic value but is screwed up again in the energy dashboard).

What’s going on here?

Any help is highly appreciated :slight_smile: