Energy dashboard - Wrong value after history correction

Due to some bad sensors configuration I had to correct the history of my energy dashboard. Now it is nearly perfect, however I have an issue with the last value for the “return to grid”. Value is far too high…


I can can manually correct this value but the next hour ha will add again an extra 5837.55 to the value. Etc… I struggle to find a solution, where this 5837.55 value is coming from (it always add that amount) ?

Thanks for your help


how did you correct the data?
I need to correct my data of my gas costs and power costs for a day


Same problem here after changing my sensor from zha to z2m. :frowning: Need to correct the usage of the last day.

Go to “developer_statistics” and select the sensor responsible for the error. On the right side, click on the icon showing an up going arrow to the “sum”. Select the time range and adjust the wrong value that will show up. This will fix your issue.