Energy Date Selection Card

While I’ve only had limited success struggling with my electricity provider’s screwy API requirements, I’m having difficulty setting the font and/or background colors of the month/year/etc. date selector card (that I have embedded within a grid card), which is identical to that found on the Energy dashboard.

I’ve tried all sorts of variations of the card-mod settings, but can’t seem to affect any change whatsoever. For almost all of my dashboards I’m using the Google Dark theme, which looks the best for my environment. When I set this at the page/dashboard level, the date selection options are not visible enough to be usable, as seen here:


At the code level, this appears as:

  - square: false
    columns: 1
    type: grid
      - type: energy-date-selection
      - type: energy-usage-graph

Where/how/what kind of formatting is needed to change this to pull it out of the darkness?

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I actually have the very same challenge, maybe @thomasloven has an idea? Thank you.

(First time posting. So, apologies if I should have started a new post).

I use the energy date card in my dashboard view. Is it possible to set a default for a certain period, eg. month? Currently, this date card defaults to “Day”. By default, I mean when opening the Home Assistant app (on a phone) to view dashboard or when switching from some other screen such as settings to the dashboard.


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