Energy: device grouping

Would be nice to have device grouping in “Energy”.
F.e. in case I have energy meter for guest house and some plugs inside.
And idea to see nested meters grouped under parent meter.
Have a nice day.

Good idea. Make this a feature request?

Grouping would be nice. For example group by type (lightning, HVAC, etc) and by room as well. Maybe even some kind of drill down or expandable view which you can either collapse or expand for detailed overview:

-Living room light
-Kitchen Light
-Outdoor light


  • ventilation
  • heater
  • AC
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Small addition. Energy device group to be not only containers for real power meters, but also to be associated with power meter.

Lightning Group ← here data from all lightning power meter OR just group w/out metering

  • A room ← particular power meter

Sorry my bad English, hope idea is clear.

Maybe this is a candidate for tagging, which has been discussed in connection with other entities.

You can create groups by adding device consumption together, which might meet the requirements of the OP:

Lighting in this case is a sensor collecting a lot of values:

# All lights

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: All lights
        unit_of_measurement: Watt
        value_template: >
          {{ states('sensor.lrlights_power')| float(0) + states('sensor.ktlights_power')| float(0) + states('sensor.ydlights_power')| float(0) + states('sensor.stlights_power')| float(0) + states('sensor.halights_power')| float(0) + states('sensor.balights_power')| float(0) + states('sensor.lalights_power')| float(0) + states('sensor.belights_power')| float(0) }}     
  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.all_lights_power
    name: lighting
    unit_prefix: k
    round: 5
    method: left

You could also do this to get room consumption. What you can’t do is make devices and totals group together on the dashboard.

Sure, in some cases it is fairly enough. Together with grouping on dashboard it would be perfect.

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Yup - an alternative way of grouping that might be useful is per phase or even per power group.
How I’ve done this for “per phase” is by customizing the entities (adding an attribute denoting which phase).
A “proper” way that also goes into the Energy dashboard would be useful.

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Even better: use the current “groups” function where the group value would be the total of the group items. Would work for power and energy (W / kWh).


My vote for initial request - create ‘levels’ where we have ‘master’ meter and sub-meters inside belonging to it and be able to see/analyze these in Energy dashboard but sub-meters would not add to global sum since it would be included in master meter