WTH can't I add tags to entities?

This has been mentioned in comments elsewhere, but thought I’d make sure it got its own devoted thread.

I’d like to be able to click on any entity, and add a tag or a label to it via the UI. (Behind the scenes this would just be dynamically creating a group).

Use Cases:

  • Tag all of your automations that create noise (servo blinds, for example). Then call homeassistant.turn_off on group.noisy to make a “Quiet mode” for your house
  • Go to Automations list and filter on “noisy” and “high power” to see only those automations.
  • Tag every entity that supports a certain “feature” you’ve made (e.g. “Bedroom Nightlight”). Now you can search the “States” view for “Nightlight” to see all the entities involved.

Again, much of this is doable today using groups. But it’s much more friction to open YAML and manually add entity_ids than it is to browse for entities in the UI and add tags.

Just noticed there’s even a group.set service already:

Won’t survive a restart, and no documentation that I can find other than the parameter descriptions there. But good to know there’s already mechanisms in place for making groups dynamically from the UI.

Perhaps that can be used for “tags”?

Just got done typing this all up for a feature request but figure I can just post it here.

This kind of expands on the area functionality.

I would like the ability to open an entity within the gui and dynamically add tags to help categorize that entity.

For example:
A sensor might have the tags of temperature, outside, mqtt
A outdoor smart bulb might have the tags as: backyard, outside, ge_smartbulb, zigbee
A indoor switch might have the tags mqtt, living_room, fan

Then to use those tags either dynamic groups or the functionality to target those tags in service calls or triggers.

For example: a dynamic group that has all temperature sensors in it.
Or an automation that could trigger on any outside sensor above a certain temperature
Or an automation that turns on all outside lights or only outside zigbee lights.

Yeah, I think that’s exactly the same as what’s posted here.

I have plans to start working on this after quick bar is in a more “done” state, unless someone else picks it up first.