Energy flow - Convert total values into daily values

I am new here, so first hello to the community.

I am also new to Home Assistant and must admit that I have little to no knowledge of programming and yaml, which causes me some difficulties.

I have with the help of this community set up my solar system in HA and have now also understood how it works with the sensors and was able to set up the energy dashboard.

Unfortunately, the energy dashboard does not display the data as I would like.
For example, I would like to have the current value of the solar production, but can only display the electricity produced throughout the day. also I would prefer that öffter than hourly is updated.

for this reason i have now tried to create my own overview with energy flow cards.

here comes first problem. my inverter has only one sensor for the total indication.
but in the energy dashboard a daily value is displayed. see picture

In the energy flow card which I have created myself, the current that flows into the network is displayed but total. see picture

I have read that you can customize sensors via tamplates.
After days of reading on various sites, I have unfortunately still not understood how exactly this works.

Would someone of you maybe explain to me step by step how I adjust a sensor from total to daily. as I said, have never written a code and would need help the first time to understand it.

Thanks a lot