Energy - Gas Cost showing as £0.00

Yesterday, I setup the Energy management in HASS, using the Hildebrand Glow (DCC) HACS integration, which is working great - I can see the data coming in and have the consumption graphs, etc.

For the Electricity, this is showing both usage and total cost.

For Gas, however, the Energy dashboard is showing usage, but is showing the cost as £0.00.

In the Energy config I have setup the Gas the same as Electricity, with a sensor for gas consumption, and using “Use an entity with the current price per kWh” set. That entity is correctly set and has a state of 0.033.

Any idea why is gas cost is showing as £0.00?

I have as many the same issue
I think there will be a fix in the next 2021.11 HA release.
Nevertheless, I did not see anything about the fact it does not add kWh from gas and grid

Thanks - I’ve just found this post which says that Gas requires m3 rather than kWh and explains a workaround.

I may try that, or wait and see what 2021.11 brings.

Looks like a fix is coming - Add kWh as cost option for GAS by ColinRobbins · Pull Request #58426 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I don’t think that post explain that m3 is netter than kWh. It says that the kWh option has a bug that will be shortly fixed

I have setup my gas consumption the same way, but don’t see anything about the price.
Is there something else I need to configure or does it show up automatically once I see a gas consumption and set the price for a unit?

Hi - I just setup the energy dashboard. I aso cannot see that the cost’s aer beeing calculated …
I’ve tryed come options:

1.) used a entity witch delivers m³

  • used option 3: “Use an entity with current price” [input_number.gaspreis_2022_2023] … no effect !!!
  • used option 4: Use a static price: 0.22 CHF / m³ …no effect

2.) used a entity witch delivers kWh (Energy)

  • used option 3: “Use an entity with current price” [input_number.gaspreis_2022_2023]
    …0,22 CHF / kWh … no effect !!!
  • used option 4: Use a static price: 0.22 CHF / m³ …no effect

…so what to do to fix this?
Phil posted in 2021, that this will be “shortly” fixed ??? …now we have 2023 ?