Energy: Individual devices detail usage - add total usage

Hi there,

Thanks for adding the Individual devices detail usage graph! Really nice!

As a feature request I’d like to suggest to add the total consumption to this graph, as a dotted line. This line would most likely hover above the stack of individual devices’ usage. It would allow the user to understand how much of their total energy consumption isn’t covered yet by the individual device power meters.

The data for this line can be obtained from the Energy usage graph

Yes! Totally agree. Right now I’m basically guessing the usage based on the graph. So frustrating!

That would indeed be a nice addon! Or as an extension of the bar, labeled “unaccounted” or whatever :slight_smile:

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Yes, I would love this, dotted line and all! :wink:

Good idea. I support this fully.

Why not merging it with the Energy Usage entirely ?.. imho the individual devices detail usage graph shouldn’t even exist, but rather be part of the general Energy Usage graph, and if there is an “unrecognized/not tracked” usage just label it as such.