Energy integration with Tibber, negative values as accumulated sensor resets daily

I’ve googled around a bit, but haven’t found anybody commenting on this specific behavior. Which probably means I’m doing something basic wrong.

I have Tibber Pulse, and I am using as the source of my energy dashboard (total consumption). I found some forum post to use the "accumulated consumption " as data source.
However, this is a sawtooth patterned data (I can see from the history), resetting per day. And then the energy dashboard shows a large negative value (but I’m definitely not producing any power), as you can see below:

Any pointers on what I am doing wrong?


I had the same issue.

The issue, as I understand it, is that the Tibber sensor.accumulated_energy_consumption_your_home, is reset every night. This is not expected. This sensor should have been named accumulated_energy_consumption_current_day_your_home… Because it is not accumulating forever, as the current name suggests.

I have worked around this by adding my own accumulating sensor for this by adding the following to my configuration.yaml, that tracks the Tibber sensor named sensor.power_your_home:

  - platform: integration                                                      
    source: sensor.power_your_home
    name: energy_spent_your_home         
    unit_prefix: k                  
    round: 2

Then, after a reboot of HA, and waiting for 15-20 minutes, it started tracking this, and you can add it to the energy setup. Important notice. As long as this sensor is unavailable (first 15-20 minutes after reboot), you cant find it in the Energy setup.

Hope this helps!

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It was a bug in the Tibber integration. It is fixed in 2022.2

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Thanks for the help! I’ll try out the fix coming in 2022.2, if not, I will use this :slight_smile: