Energy kWh view?

I use the Home Energy Meter Gen5 to measure electricity consumption. It is clearly visible in HA, and I can see the “A” and “V” data, BUT, nothing is displayed for the kVarh and kWh data.

example kVarh :

example kWh (not correct)

Have you an idea to correct that ?

I guess I have part of the answer:
There is a difference between power (W) and energy (W/h)
The measurement here is for the consumption of a hot water tank.
I therefore assume that the kW/h display is correct since the power supply to the heating resistor is not permanent…

The fact remains that I don’t understand the display in “W” of “home_energy_meter_gen5_electric_consumption”
This is almost instantaneous power, but the values ​​displayed are too low (5 - 15W while the indication “home_energy_meter_gen5_electric_consumption” indicates “3A” - which should give +/- 720 W ? - 240v in Europe)
Where is the error?

I’d look at the device configuration and make sure you have it setup to report data periodically.

Hi PeteRage,

here are the settings :

But maybe there is another setting that I am forgetting ?

And more information :

Voltage is correct :

Amperage is correct I believe :

Power consumed at incorrect scale? Why ?

and in summary, we see that the power consumed does not correspond to the current consumed, why?


You may want to follow up with Aeotec support - it looks like a device issue,

The other choice is to calculate watts yourself using a sensor template that multiplies current * voltage

yes, I contacted them, but I think I discovered the reason for the problem :wink:
In fact the clamp was placed between the outlet of the Power Reducer 4-Noks and the hot water tank.
I think that to obtain the power modulation to be supplied to the tank (depending on the production of the solar panels), there is a hash and that HME does not like in its measurements!
so I placed the clamp before the Power Reducer and now it’s ok :slight_smile:
In picture :

Thanks PeteRage