Energy Management in Home Assistant

Awesome thanks. For some reason I can’t seem to wrap my head around creating a returned to grid sensor.
Here is was I already have setup. Any ideas?

hey all,
loving the feature!

Not sure if just me or a bug?

when i had just 1 energy source (electricity) with a cost associated, it was showing up the daily £
however, since adding a 2nd source (gas) the £ no longer seems to show?

If i restart Home Assistant, all energy data goes out, lost. Why?

how can i do it?

The self consumed data, is there a sensor with this data so I can put it in a graph for like a month? Now I have to click through the days on the energy dashboard for it while it’s useful data.

Production (solar power) - Consumption (consumed power) = grid export
Consumption (consumed power) - Production (solar power) = grid import

see this link for how i solved it.
Might apply to you.

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You really should try to provide more info, given several posts by you that I’ve seen across the forum. What kind of sensors are those? Is that from a particular integration? Are those template sensors?

Anyone else having the feeling the energy dashboard is calculating the dubble

sonoff = 1,22 kwh
homeassistant = 2.43 kwh

See also my conclusion from yesterday

sonoff = 3119 wh
homeassistant = 6280 wh

I have something similar with an esp clamp setup I created myself but is not that accurate
SMA reports 7,94 kwh
Homeassistant = 18.3 kwh

If i restart Home Assistant, all energy data goes out, lost. Why?

We heard you the first time.

Ok, sorry. I is a big problem to me. Lost all history energy data if i restart Home assistant linux machine…

Awesome new feature!

I do have issues pulling in data from the ‘DSMR Slimme Meter’ integration though. I got sensor.energy_consumption_tarif_1 and sensor.energy_consumption_tarif_2 getting updates in the entities from the integration and I have added them to the Energy Dashboard as consumption data.

Now, more then 24 hours later, there is still no data showing up in the Energy Dashboard. Dashboard shows message: “There is no data to show. It can take up to 2 hours for new data to arrive after you configure your energy dashboard.

You’re the only one to be seeing this afaik. Do some debugging.

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Are they included in your recorder configuration?

Nope they were not…Should have thought about that! Thanks for your reply!

Regarding the recorder settings. What purge settings are best for long term energy monitoring, so that you are able to compare yearly energy usages?

I dont understand this.

where to put the code with the beginning :

-platform: integration


You put it in the configuration.yaml file. Do not try to put it within a template sensor block.

It goes after



  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.house_consumption_value
    name: Imported Energy
    unit_prefix: k
    round: 2
    method: left

I use Enphase Energy (Solar) for my CT monitoring.
Trying to figure out how to make this mesh/work for me in HA.

Hard thing to figure out is… Enphase only provides Consumption (from breaker panels via CTs) and Production (kWh from solar panels).

Reviewing Enlighten Dashboard → This is the enphase toolset
The grey on the top (blue/grey) is what I Imported from the grid.
The grey on the bottom (orange/grey) is what I sold back to the grid.

and then comparing to the HA Energy Dashboard…
I didn’t use 210kWh today… It is mis-calculating

…This doesn’t really line up correctly.
Only have 2 data sets to work with makes it a challenge. I am trying to work with custom sensor templates, like Consumption - Production = ? (Unsure what this value would get me).

Wondering if Sense would be of any value?
Or if anyone in Colorado uses IREA and knows how to use their API to retrieve data values?

Enphase entities from the integration: