Energy Management in Home Assistant

Trying the new Powerwall integration in 2021.9

It would be good to get some setup documentation for this. If I use my Fronius feed for solar it just assumes my house is consuming it rather than a mix of battery and house, so I’m trying the Powerwall feeds.

Currently I am trying:

Home Battery Storage
Energy going into the battery: Powerwall Battery Import
Energy coming out of the battery: Powerwall Battery Export

Solar Panels
Solar production energy: Powerwall Solar Import

Electricity grid
Grid Consumption: Powerwall Site Import
Return to Grid: Powerwall Site Export

Individual devices
Powerwall Load Export

Not sure if this right or wrong… won’t know for 2 hours or so…

I do have these concerning messages down the side of the energy dashboard:
Grid neutrality could not be calculated
Self consumed solar energy couldn’t be calculated
Consumed non-fossil energy couldn’t be calculated

I am using the same settings and looks to be close. My home consumption is wrong though as it’s higher in the Telsa/Enphase apps vs HA.

How do you know which one is wrong?

I am assuming Enphase and Tesla are reporting the home usage correctly. It’s much lower in HA

I have a small fv power plant with a battery. I don’t understand how to use Shelly EM to monitor the battery as recommended. Shelly EM works with AC voltage. It will not work on DC. How do you handle the situation?

Someone once said assumption is the mother of all f^^^ups

Couple bugs or suggestion this Energy management part:

  1. Can you add “Use a static price” Night and day static price and clock times. Example here we have night price clock 22-7 and day price is 7-22.

  2. Other problem is i dont can add my energymeter ( ) that entiny menu:

If you have any hints to get this working, i am really thankfull.

Isnt it possible to use the power meter from zigbee2mqtt plugs yet?
I have an Innr SP120 which has an consumed energy entity but it doesnt show up

Previously I had to create a utility_meter for this devices since they haven’t had this entity.

or as my dad always said to me as a kid, to ‘assume’ makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.


If anyone has an Enphase Envoy, I’ve written a python script to obtain Consumption and Production data directly from the Envoy, so no need to rely upon getting the data from the cloud or to use the built-in HA integration. The resulting sensors display power/voltage/power factor/frequency and current once per second so can also be used to drive real-time power monitoring panels.

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The idea is that you monitor the AC power/energy put into/ taken out of the battery system. ie: on the AC side of the inverter that the battery system runs through

It’s not very good for me. I use several battery-powered devices and the inverter won’t detect them. It will probably be a better solution to use ESPhome, nodemcu and PZEM-017

Are you using PW2 with the energy dashboard? I’m just trying to share my experience and contribute. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation specific to this available yet.

So, I have a question too.

Someone can tell me, please, how the CO2 signal integration works?

I’m using the new panel with CO2 signal together now for almost a week and it says every day, that i only get around 18% of green energy every day.

My contract with the Dutch company Eneco is Hollandse Wind & Zon, that states, that 100% of my energy is green.

So i can imagine, that the current flows thru Europe are different, than what the business side of it is. It looks, like CO2 signal does not take any account in, how the energy is buyed in.

Or, my contract with Eneco is a big screw… :slight_smile:

Anyhow, it is weird, knowing, I bought 100% green in, and get only 18% according to CO2 signal.

Is there a way to clear this up?

Thanks in advance,


As the docs say, it comes from here

I know that, been there, when I was getting my API key. But I can’t find the info asked here. That’s why I hope, someone knows more…

Ask at co2signal

Thanks for the really inspirative and helpful reactions, nickrout.

I am sorry, but how does one install Slimmemeter? I have looked everywhere but I can’t find a step-by-step install… ?

+1 for the daily fixed charge request. In the UK it’s normal to have a daily “standing charge” in addition to the per unit charge (just to complicate comparing suppliers :stuck_out_tongue: )

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