Energy Management - Rain Water

Great to see the addition of the Energy to Home Assistant, terrific for Solar - Electricity.

We have a limited resource that would be fantastic to track in exactly the same way - Water (tank/dam etc) However once we’re out -we’re out and that’s BAD! (and the dashboard would look really cool!)

We have measurements on the current fill %/L of the tank (storage) and also instant use per minute/hour. It can also be broken down to devices like electricity can be.

Its really important to know how long the tank water will last based on recent usage, do we have a leak somewhere - is the use unexpectedly higher than usual? (measuring incoming water is a little tricky but achievable - at worst we can base it off the previous fill to current if its rising)

Here’s hoping that an addition like this would be considered for us ‘out of towners’

I like the idea of developping other dashboard like energy for some other dimention but I really think it is important to keep an approach based on the dimension and not to mix water consumption with energy consumption.

So I would rather propose another tab, similar to energy but focussing on water, with similar approach, water coming from the network, rain water, pumped water… etc.


Support for water usage would be an awesome addition.
Especially if you have multiple water sources (network and well), so we can track how much water we use from each source and how much did we save.

There are several entities that would would fit that pattern (input/output of you home system) and that would be interesting to track:

  • as mentioned by the OP: water. Everybody consumes water, there are integration to track water consumption. But they are also several ways to obtain water (running water, rain water, pump in a well) and several measurable water sink (washing machine, toilet flush, shower, …).
  • CO2. We all emit CO2, there are several ways to track/estimate emissions (energy we consume, km driven with car, or even harder to measure: food we eat, traveled distance, …) and CO2 we can offset (usually paying somebody to plant trees)

Having the ability to display a energy-like dashboard for those quantities would tremendously useful and a string incentive to measure more (usually a big step to start reducing).

I would really love to see the ability to benefit from all the work done to create the energy management system on those other quantities.