Energy Management: solar heating, gas consumption

First of all, I really like the energy management.

But to be honest, it is very misleading. :sweat:
The current management represents only electricity. The heating is shown, but not taken into account for the house. There have been discussions for gas to be measured in me. But energy has to be measured in kWh.
Now the Viessmann integration gives access to the solar heating production. But the only way of respecting this energy production is by adding the sensor as a solar sensor. But this way it is getting mixed with the electrical solar production.

My point is, that the whole energy management is a bit messed up. And would like to see, that this get sorted out and all types of energy are considered and taken into the house consumption.

I second, that the energy dashboard shall show everything in one unit of measurement (kWh). It would be nice to convert the gas cubic metres into kWh and show this in the energy dashboard.

Also separating solar heat (which I only use for dhw) from photovoltaics would be nice.