Energy Management - Total Gas consumption price is not calculated

Hello all,

I updated to 2021.9.5 and use the cool new energy management. Electricity is just working fine.
I also integrated my gas meter and those values are displayed in energy management dashboard, but the total price is not calculated.

I created a sensor entity which contains the price:

- platform: template
      unit_of_measurement: EUR/m³
      value_template: "{{ 0.573 }}"

Do I miss something or is something wrong configured?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Same issue on my side just I’m using “PLN/m³” but also getting 0.00 zł, Appreciate help on the subject :slight_smile:

Same problem with gas, electricity is just working fine.

I’m seeing the same problem with calculating gas usage. Has this been resolved by anybody?

Could this be because one unit is (cubic\ft) FT3 and the graph is in cubic\meters) M3 ?

ScreenHunter 303

Seeing the same for Gas with a static price. Does anyone know if this has been raised as a bug?

FYI. This just started working for me after a reboot.