Energy measurement for incoming power in house

Are there any new devices out there that can measure the flashing light in the house-powercentral? As many know, the flashing led-light that exists in most centrals indicates the current power usage of the whole house and is used by powercompanies, in many cases our bills are based on those. IKEA once sold a device called “SPARSNÄS” in sweden, it measures exactly like that, but they quit making those… I currently have one and it works nicely but I want something that integrates with home assistant. I know that Shelly has plenty of measuring devices to very affordable prices but I haven’t found one that can read that flashing light, only devices with clamps that measure the phases and those arent always so easy to get to.

Anyone out there who knows?

Do you live in Sweden?
Maybe you can use: ?

(This link will give you 500SEK in bonus for the store: So the device will cost you only 95SEK)

As a matter of fact I do :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I only have that flashing led, the product you linked to seems to need a topmodern central with an RJ45 port. Is it possible to manage without? If I can fix the network in some other way?

Tibber Pulse needs the RJ45 port to read the data.
You can use this one:
But it is more expensive and not in stock.
(Both of them are integrated in Home Assistant: )

Also this reads pulses

Okay thanks I’ll check it out, the clam-version was my plan B, but I’d like to avoid it if possible

Thanks, I was hoping for a more complete product but this may be worth trying if I cant find one :slight_smile:

Sure, some people are more DIY than others, and experimenting with electronics is addictive. Beware :slight_smile:

True, I’d gladly do it myself if I just had more time. To many hobbies one could say, and I have already laid so many hours on hassio :slight_smile: I’m kinda surprised that this product isn’t mainstream already

I use one of these: