Energy Meter gone awry

For some reason, my panel now looks like this. Everything had been just peachy until last night. Nothing changed, no reboot, no restart. I’ve posted today’s graphs. I would post yesterday’s, but I’m only allowed one embedded. Please Help!

My hardware is an Aeotec ZW095 energy meter.

Look it’s hard to say because there are a lot of energy meters using different protocols and different integrations in ha. It’s seems to me that your energy meter is loosing connection with ha. I don’t know how you integrated this.
Maybe reloading integration will fix issue?

It’s just a zwave device, sensor added through GUI/energy dashboard. Has been fine for weeks. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this happen with an energy meter, but have never figured out why.


Show the history graph for your energy sensor at those times.

Attached. And now for some reason, things are back to normal. Wish I understood what was going on because this really skews things.

Every time that sensor drops to zero and then goes back to the total (all those spikes) the entire total is added in the energy dashboard.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to prevent that with a zwave sensor, other than to filter it through a template sensor.

Or you could open an issue for the device.

The strange thing is, everything else that day looks normal