Energy meter integration with HA

cheers, thanks for this… might take a punt and give me your pool, he says knowing it wouldn’t be a good idea in the north east of england :smiley:

I use it little, as a saying goes in my country … God gives bread to those who don’t have teeth :joy::joy::joy:

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Just to confirm this can be used to simply show the power consumption and not used to actually turn on/off a circuit right?
Is it easy to flash the tasmota fw?

With the original firmware u can see the power consumption only in the smart life/tuya app,switch too, u can use the switch in home assistant with tuya integration but not power consumption, if you flash tasmota u can use switch and have power consumption in home assistant, I flashed it one year ago with tuya-convert so easy
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Is there a guide, do you need any special cables to flash the fw? Might go for this if it doesn’t require a clamp like the other energy monitors which might not fit in my electric panel.

if you are lucky with tuya-convert you do not need anything, but if not you will need open it and a ftdi usb

Thanks for that.
One thing I am still not clear on, can the zmai-90 show the whole house energy consumption or is this just a smart circuit breaker that for example I need to connect something like upstairs lights, upsstairs sockets, etc? So one of these can only show the energy usage for one circuit?

Also check with your energy company. They might have a supported device. Mine uses zigbee so I got a reader and added it to their network.

I think it can do all of these, depending on which circuit you put it or them on… I will get 2 to test, 1 for kitchen circuit and 1 for the studio (need to know the cost anyway for business reasons…)

I get the fact it can connect to the different circuits and switch them on/off but can it be hooked up the same way to the main fuse that I assume all the power is going through? In that case it should show whole house energy consumption I guess.
Would I need to replace my main fuse with this or can this run in parallel with it?

I presume this as that is what I am intending on doing linking it to my breaker switches… as Idon’t think this would replace them