Energy meter integration with HA

Has anyone tried something like these,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ to get the current electricity consumption of the house?

That one in particular has Tuya/Smart Life support so maybe is easily integratable with HA?

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Looks interesting but no. I’m not a fan of any device that requires an internet connection and a cell phone “app” to work. Same with closed source communications protocols.

I’m using these and they are supported by HA out of the box

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Interesting. Any idea if it hooks up to Samsung smartthings? My HA raspberry pi is in such a place where I doubt a zwave stick would ever get a signal.

WEM3080 This WiFi energy meter support HA and do not require an internet connection.

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Shelly has two devices that will monitor your consumption, Shelly EM and Shelly 3EM. The EM is for single phase and 3EM being for 3 phases.
They support both REST and MQTT with the stock firmware and doesn’t require internet.

Have a look here for EM
And here for 3EM

I have the 3EM but haven’t installed it yet.
There are some plugins/integrations to automatically add Shellys to HA which make it really easy to install.

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I just installed it, but unfortunately it’s not yet supported in shellyforhass. Device itself works like a charm!

Shelly EM looks like exactly what I need, but @slovenc are you saying it doesn’t work with HA yet?
I need the 1 phase one but not sure if to get 50 amps or 120 amps as I see a breaker switch for 60 amps in my electric box…

EM works, 3EM doesnt work yet.

Where is the integration? Is it custom?
Could not find it on and I do see it advertised on the EM page too

I have this thanks to @luis_teixeira

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how does this work? do you hook it up to the circuit in the main fuse box?

correct, in my case I have it in a separate box for the pool

cheers, you don’t have any photos of it installed do you please?

Do you need to flash the tasmota FW on it or it works just fine out of the box since it does have tuya/smart life support.
I want something plug-and-play

Also, you can actually use it to make your wife smart :rofl:


It’s a win-win really haha

Right now I don’t have any, I’m sorry

you can integrate it with the tuya but if you want to have the consumption values ​​in ha you need tasmota fw
by having tasmota you also turn the pairing button into a button to activate / deactivate the relay

no problem, thanks… Just not sure if this would work with my current fuse box and if it did it would be a bit of a botch job… I want to monitor the lighting circuit and the studio in the garage (has a seperate fuse box)

DSC_0895 DSC_0897

these photos are from @luis_teixeira

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Actually, I think you wouldn’t have a problem, it’s how I’m using it for the pool