Energy meter randomly changing flow indicators

Hey guys. I’ve been using this Tuya bidirectional energy meter clamp, 2 channel, zigbee (model PJ-1203A). I successfully integrated it to my HA using Z2MQTT, and it seems to be fully supported, I’m getting readings just fine.
In my house I receive 2 phases each with 220V, so I get 2 live wires and 1 Neutral. My idea is to monitor the entire house consumption, and I don’t have solar yet (but I’m planing it for near future). Here is a drawing to show how I set up the device:

This is an oversimplified drawing, there are additional circuit breakers for individual appliances/rooms which are distributed between the 2 phases. One of my goals is finding if the load is evenly balanced.

Now, the readings looks correct, but there are 2 sensors energy_flow_a and energy_flow_b which are supposed to tell the direction of energy flow, values can be consuming or producing. Since I dont have solar panels yet it is supposed to be aways consuming. The problem is, both of them are randomly changing:

So my question is: Did I set up the device incorrectly? or is it a symptom of a defective device? I’m aware about the flow direction on the clampers, I installed them according to the arrow direction printed on the them. I also tried inverting them, but flow reading keeps changing.