Energy Meter reading via SDR: Broadcast periodicity at irregular intervals

Hey folks - I’ve been intercepting my elec (and gas) meter’s RF broadcast of the meter reading via SDR. The goal was to get close to real time consumption data to feed into the new Energy dashboard. I had assumed the meter would broadcast in uniform/regular intervals (i.e. every 1 min, or every 2 min).

However, what I’ve found is that:

  • From about 11:30am-4:30pm, it broadcasts frequently - about every 30 or 45 secs. So pretty much what I expected.
  • From about 4:30pm-10:30pm, it broadcasts infrequently - sometimes a few mins, sometimes not for hours - until the next day at about 11:30, where it starts this cycle over again.

Here is a chart that just shows the count of messages (over a few day period + reset at midnight) received from the meter (appears my gas meter is doing something similar - though it always reports within 10 mins, even overnight)

Is this normal broadcast behavior? I assumed it would broadcast at a regular interval - but have not messed with this before.