Energy Meter Values drifting from the Input Sensor

Hello. I am have an energy meter set up to monitor my homes power consumption during On-Peak and Off-Peak times for Solar ROI calculations. I started to notice that the On-Peak and Off-Peak energy meter values were different than the Input sensor.

At around 4PM you can see the NEW_HomeConsumption offpeak Energy Meter starts recording more usage than the Lux Home Consumption (Daily) input sensor. I get the same issues with the On-Peak sensor as well.

The energy meter is set to reset daily with periodically resetting and sensor always available off. I tried to enable Periodically resetting and that did not have an effect of the issue. What am I missing?

Upon further inspection, it looks like as soon as the solar starts exporting to the grid is when the drifting starts and the drift matches the difference between home consumption and solar export.

Doing some searching and it looks like another user posted about the same issue.