Energy monitor power strip

Howdy all.
Is there any known power strips that have individual socket on/off and energy monitoring?
My search is drawing a blank but i’d have thought with tuya energy monitoring devices out for so long surely there’s now a strip for an all in one kind of solution?

There are many manufacturers of data center PDUs that have these features. They are pricy.

Do run any zwave controller?

If so then do a search for Greenwave powernode. I got a couple off of Amazon but I can’t seem to find them there now.

There are a few, perhaps country dependant. TP Link and Xiaomi have models that integrate. There’s also some other brands that look like they can take a Tasmota flash. Google for Power Strip Energy Monitoring and quite a few options come up, but I’m looking at ones suitable for Australia.

EDIT: Note the older Xiaomi ones don’t do individual socket control, there’s a new one with 4 sockets and 3 USB. Can’t find a model number for it anywhere but aliexpress etc. have got it up for order, ships in next few days.

Necro but just FYI you can get some older enterprise ones like an apc or tripplite for under $100 on eBay.