Energy Monitor

I want to add some entities to the Energy Monitor. Two of them are no problem (Fritz-Dect Power), the other e.g. Sonoff POW are not shown. What can i do, to atach them to the Monitor?

Greetings from Hannover/Germany

They must be energy sensors (not power). So, device_class: energy

They must have a state_class of total or total_increasing.

They must have a unit_of_measurement of kWh or Wh.

Thanks fpr this.
Is there only the way to configuration.yaml? And how to add to Service Class and so on…?

Many thanks…

Ideally these attributes would be included in the integration. Which one are you using to add the Sonoff POW energy sensor?

I am a really beginner, i think the mosquitto broker, or what do you mean?

You are using the mqtt integration.

Was the POW discovered or did you define the sensors in YAML?

Discovered, i think. In my Conf.yaml stands nothing of it…

Ok in that case you will have to use customize to add the attributes:

Many thanks to you. Now i have allready right configured and now everythink works fine.
I must say it again: A nice product, and a super forum…
Thanks to all.

Greetings from Hannover in Germany